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The Amoeba comic had it's first showing and breathed fresh air this spring. It was amazing to be able to hang the one page comics up for viewing in my alternative gallery space, The Blue Hallway Gallery, which is in my apt in Bedstuy. 

Recently having engaged in a conversation with a client, an animation professor, I asked what she thought emerging artist should do as far as showing their art in a market chock full of artists, she replied that artists should seek and create "alternative spaces" as a foothold to get into galleries. She applauded my efforts and the show I described. My works are currently stretched out in the 23 foot long hallway and I am super excited that I have a space to be able to contemplate my work.

What I have gleamed from now having my own show, for the fourth time, is that it it's kept me moving through different projects and concepts in unexpected ways. Sharing new and old work alike has allowed me to create a paper trail of my art and allowed to properly label work and take pictures for my records. Although I take most pictures after immediately finishing the work, sometimes I miss a few. When I have a show I am able to really track and record my work. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to my show. I am lucky to be able to meet in this in this life some amazing artists. I believe we are all artists and that may seem strange for people to hear but I believe we were meant to create something unique that would help the world. The creation process is extremely fragile and needs to be developed to spark it into activation. Out of the box thinking is the cornerstone of the artists mentality and hence, alternative art spaces are the geniuses of art curators and artists everywhere. Please come and support the closing event on Thursday, May 12 of the Amoeba Comic Show. I am selling first edition prints of all the pieces in the show, so come prepared to support a local artist!

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