Maria Mars
Brooklyn, NY


My abstract drawings included depictions of tools of torture that manipulated the organic shapes to evoke a feeling in the viewer that the shapes were connected to the human body. The drawings lead to the development of the three dimensional paints and a soft sculptural installation artwork titled, “Drag Queen Dream”. The piece included chains, hooks, black beads (oil spill), blood droplets, ropes, mechanical robotic hands. pinchers, and flood lights. The installation included several repurposed objects, and my love for working with trash continued into my current work, repurposing objects like paint containers, art supplies, tissue paper, and beauty supplies. Human consumerism and consumption creates dialogue with the viewer in my current projects entitled, “Everything I Own”, which brings every object in my life purpose again through paintings. Objects found in my studio that have lay unused or collected art supplies like dried out markers, glue, paint, and destroyed paint brushes. Documenting these objects paintings encapsulate the essence of this period in my life.