Maria Mars
Brooklyn, NY


Currently having monthly art salons, performances, and Chalk Up! events in the NYC area. Bohemian love spreads through the communion of neighbors, let's come together.

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Cult 23: Teacher's Pet - Sept 23, 2018

//Cult 23?? presents: "TEACHER'S PET". Gather around the teacher...we have a lesson plan in store for you on Sunday, Sept 23rd at 2pm. Classes will be of a big variety so come prepared to do anything, from singing, self defense, dancing, burlesque, magic, writing, alchemy, drawing and mystery classes. After the skill share there will be some thrilling performance artists and musicians joining us as well for the talent show portion. Please come learn and play with us all day from 2pm - 7pm. Performances starting at 5pm.

Free cocktails for all the teachers pets (cocktails to be determined.)

If you want to share a skill or perform, email me

Real Clothes- Performance
Pan Ferguson - Instructor
Nyx Nocturne - Vendor
Ilona Bito - Instructor/Performer
Reign Taylor - Performance
Camilla Zhang - Instructor
Scarlett Cerise - Insctructor
Ellen Turrietta - Instructor
Amy Hope - Instructor/Performer
Mae Ahern- Vendor/Instructor
Michelle Joni- Fairy Cult Godmother - Teacher/Performer
Laura Orfanelli - Performer
Coco Suzette - Instructor
Mitchell Murdock - Instructor/Performer
Aiesha Alia Dukes - Performer
Nikki Sweet - Performer

High Priestess Yuting Jin


Hosted by Goddess of Georgia aka Maria Mars. Supreme self-titled cult leader of 23.

23 brings together artists, goddesses, gods, aliens, queens, kings together to realize potential, experiment, connect with area community. We are a collective of radical creators. Follow us on our Facebook page for more info, event photos, future events.

Oh and we are really obsessed with the number 23 or cusp birthdays. Come all who are versatile in nature, complex by design and unique in flavor. We can't possibly fit in a square box.

Dress Code: Alternative self from another dimension, alien, god, goddess, spirit, ghost, witch, magician.

This is an inclusive queer event. Everyone is welcome to share space and behave in a consensual manner. Any reports of misbehavior will have you swiftly booted.

Donation $10 - 20 ALL proceeds will go directly to artists/DJ's.

Earlier Event: November 23